Clear VIP®

A customer loyalty program which will maintain customer points for 1 store or an entire chain of stores. Clear VIP® will also allow clients to accumulate and redeem points in both Clear POS® Retail and Clear POS® Hospitality systems. Point accumulation and redemption rules are setup separately at each store, allowing for the flexibility required to more easily promote higher margin stores and items.

  • Unlimited number of VIP Memberships
  • (Optional) Forced entry of Email, Phone # etc.
  • Reminders at POS for member #
Clear Gift Cards®

Clear VIP® includes gift cards as an optional feature. This will allow you to control the purchase and redemption and refilling of gift cards for a single store or across multiple stores. The gift card function operates seamlessly across Clear POS® Liquor Store and Clear POS® Food & Beverage. The gift card option may be purchased as a package with VIP points or separately.

  • No Transaction Fees!
  • You hold your own money
Phone Apps for Clear VIP® and Gift Cards®

Customized Phone Apps available to work with the VIP & Gift Card Programs.

  • Customized PHONE APP available for Android and iPhone.
  • Allow your customers/members to view their points and/or gift card balance anytime.
  • Members can use their phone app to pre-order, for curb-side pick up, or delivery.
  • Phone Apps scannable at the POS.